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  Historical Background District Ferozepur
The central town of Ferozepur has a very glorious history with its origin dating back to middle ages. It is said to have been founded by Ferozshah tuglaq in the 14 th century. Some Critics attribute its foundation to a Bhatti Chief called Ferozekhan . But a majority of the historians vote for Ferozeshah and come out with so many references and solid evidence. From the finds of archeologists they suggest that Ferozepur exited even during the times of Alexander the great and also have allusions to the Mauryan Empire. Reference to Ferozepur are found in Ain-e-Akbari owing to its strategic location , Ferozepur witnesses many battles and invaders entirely India. They used to pass through Punjab on way to Delhi. Later with the ascendancy of the Sikhs to peor in Punjab Ferozepur remained in focus and many historical battles were fought near it. The historical Anglo Sikh wars was fought near Mudki, a place some twenty miles away from Ferozepur. Inspite of Maharaja Ranjit Singh's wish to control Ferozepur, it fells to Britishers later on.

The Ferozeshah Anglo Sikh War Memorial

Cultural & Economic Growth

Before partition, Ferozepur witness a great grandeur and glory it was prosperous and had a royal look. It had an all round growth and development. But after glow of independence it has witnessed decay. Due to its proximity with the border and a callous indifference of governments in the state as well as at the centre Ferozepur suffers the ignoring for being backward educationally, culturally and economically. No top level universities; I.I.T.s, I.I.M.s' Medical Colleges or social or cultural institutions figure anywhere. Through it has rich potential for cottage industry related to pottery, carpentry and shoe-making nothing has been done. No incentive to general industry in the district is visible. Instead of a few rice mills Ferozepur has nothing to boast of. The cultural relics of yore; the smaller monuments of History and Art and other memorials are suffering from the onslaught of time and human indifference. Ferozepur town was encircled by a wall dotted with Historical Gates called Delhi Gate, Baghdadi Gate, Kasuri Gate. Multani Gate and many others. Except Baghdadi Gate and Multani gate others have become extinct. Nothing remains of the Ferozepur fort except a mound with a Mohammedan tomb on it.

Inspite of all this the Ferozepur District is the heart throb of the Malwa. Though the present district of Moga and Muktsar have been carved out it, the people have maintained their rich legancy of song, dance, drama, sports and other performing arts. They have always responded to national emergencies. Though much has been lost Ferozepur still has much to feel proud of many historical memorials like the fort in Cantonement Saragarhi Gurudawara ( in memory of National Martyrs and an emblem of rich architecture), the Dargah of Hazrat Sher Shah Wali on the GT Road, Barki and Shehjra Memorials, Indo Pal war memorial near Ferozeshah on Moga road and others speak amply of the Rich legacy of valour and martyrdom of her people. Similarty other religious centres like the Gurudwara Gurusar at Wazidpur and the majestic shawestamber Jain temple at Zira provide spiritual food to the thronging devotees . But the greatest of all of them is memorial to the Nation's Martyrs on the bank of Satluj at Hussainiwala Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Shaheed Raj Guru and Shahedd Sukhdev laid down their lives for getting freedom for the nation and thrir mortal remains were cremated at the place. The grateful nation gathers there every year on march 23 and pay their affectionate homage to those grand souls.


At the outset it appears that Ferozepur holds nothing for a tourist, yet the district offers much to curious visitor, nature lovers and wandering tourists. The Hari Ke Wet land is the most exciting green place of tourist attraction. The biggest ever wet land is 55 kms away from the District Headquarters and is well connected by Rail and Road. It is one of the six wet lands of international repute and offers a very rich feast of fauna and flora . The bird lovers and watches can enjoy a rich spectacle and panorama of colour and shapes of roughly 360 species of birds coming here from far off places like central Asia and Siberia. Black partridge, imperial sand goose gadwall, red crested pochard, green pigeon, great India bustard and whistling teal and some of the most exciting creatures to be found here. Besides that the above mentioned monuments, memories and temples here can satisfy the visitors for his live history, myth, culture and tradition. The last but not the least is the 'Retreat' a very exciting parade at the international border of Hussainiwala. But much has to be done in the matter of providing tourist facilities including fast Shatabdi trains, Linkage with air travel, building of starred Hotels and giving advertisements through print and electronic media.


The present twin town of Ferozepur City and Cantt. Needs a lot of attention from the state. Though the old cantonment(established Sir Henry Lawrence in 1838) area still boasts of neat, green ambience with its vast bungalows , well metalled mall roads for walkers yet Ferozepur City lacks in basic amenities like roads street lights, water supply , parking, parks and others. Given the basic infra-structure, raw materials, the industry and especially the agro based units should be encour aged. One Ferozepur Club ( catering to the elite) is just not sufficient. The good should sanction universities and ( higher institutions to bring a cultural as well economic revolution).

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